Ennead is working with Boston Development Consortium on Lab Buildings at Wentworth Campus

Huntington in Boston Globe

The Boston Globe recently covered the development of a new commercial life science project on the Wentworth Institute of Technology Campus in Boston. Ennead, in association with Jacobs, is working with Huntington Development, a group comprised of the Fallon Company with Owens Companies and Waldwin Development, to develop the new $1 billion, 640,000 square foot two-building on the site of the current Sweeney Field off Huntington Avenue.

The article quotes Wentworth President, Mark Thompson, saying “… understanding the importance that we place on diversity, equity, and inclusion ... not only with the partnership itself, but also the [other] companies that will be involved in the design and development, I’m just really pleased to have partners who are going to create what I know is going to be a state-of-the-art facility. ... I’m really pleased about the value it will add for our students, and the community as well.”

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